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Tuesday, January 29

6:00pm EST

(CANCELLED) (P23) Conserving Yukon Caribou: Use of Genetics to Inform Herd Assignment and Conservation Designations SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P27) Testing of a Respiration Model for Hybridized Coregonines SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P41) Cheese vs. Worms: A Comparison of Minnow Trap Bait Types for Assessing Nearshore Fish Communities SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P44) Effects of Sedation Techniques on Stress Responses in Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P45) Influence of Physical Processes on Transport and Persistence of eDNA from the Invasive Round Goby (Neogobious melanostomus) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P47) Pre-Restoration Fishery and Macroinvertebrate Assessment of the River Rouge Area of Concern SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P58) White Bass Population Dynamics in a South Central Missouri Reservoir SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P69) Validation of the Modeling Methodology for Projecting the Spawning Location of Grass Carp Ctenopharyngodon Idella in the Sandusky River SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P70) Abundance of Invasive Rusty Crayfish by eDNA and Traditional Survey in View of Fish Assemblages and Habitat Quality SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P72) Introducing the electrified dozer trawl for sampling Silver Carp and fish communities in a lotic system SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (CANCELLED) (P83) Routine Respiration Rates of Larval and Juvenile Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (NEW) (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 11) Testing Michigan Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) for Genetic Bottlenecking SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P01) Can Diet Affect Coloration in Tiger Salamanders? SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P02) Estimating Occupancy and Detection Probabilities of the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P03) Home Range and Movements of Eastern Box Turtles at Two Urban Parks in Clark County, OH SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P04) Impact of Bait on Trap Success for Turtles in Pool 12 in the Upper Mississippi River SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P05) Monitoring Spotted Turtles in an Ohio Fen: Do Decoys Increase Capture Rates? SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P06) Timber Rattlesnake Home Range Estimates and Habitat Use on Forestry Lands in Ohio SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P07) Agricultural Neonicotinoid Use and Common Grackle Decline in Central Illinois SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P08) Analyzing the Potential Change in Behavior of Cerulean Warblers (Setophaga cerulea) in Response to an Avian Nest Predator SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P09) Breeding Ecology of Waterbirds in a Restored Floodplain of the Illinois River Valley SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P10) Determining Acoustic Components to Drumming Log Selection in Male Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P11) Determining the Sizes of Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) Home Range and Territory with Radio Telemetry SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P12) Energetic Carrying Capacity of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation in Semi-Permanent Marshes in the Upper Midwest SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P13) Estimating Abundance of Marshbirds in Wetlands Managed for Waterfowl SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P14) Evaluating Sub-lethal Infections of Sphaeridiotrema Spp. and Cyathocotyle Bushiensis Trematodes in Captive Lesser Scaup SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P15) Foraging Behavior of Breeding Songbirds in Urban Columbus, Ohio SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P16) Grass Carp Thermal Maturation and Proximal Cues for Spawning in Ponds SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P17) Roundup Exposure and Warm Temperatures Reduce Activity of Orconectes rusticus Crayfish SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P18) Role of the Lateral Line in Male-Male Territorial Competition in the Fathead Minnow, Pimephales Promelas SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P19) Harmful Algal Blooms Impair Innate Predator-Evasion Behavior in a Freshwater Fish SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P20) Exposure to Harmful Algal Blooms Impairs Sensorimotor SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P21) Evaluating Nest-switching Behavior and Microhabitat Partitioning of Southern Flying Squirrels in West-central Illinois SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P22) Barotrauma in Lake Erie Yellow Perch: Take Pride in Your Perch! SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P24) Enhancing Management of Post-stocked Alligator Gar (Atractosteus spatula) by Investigating Gear Detection SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P25) Enhancing Management of Post-Stocked Alligator Gar by Investigating Habitat Selection SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P26) Scent Marking in Sunda Clouded Leopards (Neofelis diardi): Novel Observations Close a Key Gap in Understanding Felid Communication Behaviours SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P28) Monitoring Efforts and Demographic Data on a Kirtland’s Snake Population in Clark County, Ohio SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P29) Assessing Eastern Iowa Rodents and Ticks and Ecological Influences on the Prevalence of Borrelia Burgdorferi SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P30) Characterizing the Effects of White Grub (Pothodiplostomum minimum) on the Immune and Circulatory Systems of Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P31) Know Where It Should Go: Compliantly Disposing Infectious Waste SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P32) Movement Patterns of Escaped Captive Cervids in Ohio SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P33) Prevalence of Hantavirus in Wild Populations of Mice in the Greater Muncie Area SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P34) Diagnostic Findings and Clinical Management of Capillaria aerophilus – Associated Bronchopneumonia and Tracheitis in Captive Black Bear Cubs (Ursus americanus) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P35) Ecology of Box-nesting Waterfowl in Central WI: Biological versus Societal Benefits SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P36) Evaluating the Fish Communities of Riffles/runs with Three Different Substrate Types in Preparation for Changes Post Lowhead Dam Removal SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P37) Assessing the Impact of Mussel Bed Presence on Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Communities and Stream Function SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P38) Validating Daily Otolith Increment Deposition in Aquarium-Reared Juvenile Walleye, Sander Vitreus SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P39) An Evaluation of Angler Use of Fish Attractors in Ohio Reservoirs SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P40) Assessment of Thermal Discharge on Reservoir Fish Community on Turtle Creek Reservoir in Sullivan County, Indiana SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P42) Comparison of Three Age-estimation Methods Using Scales and Otoliths for Bloater (Coregonus hoyi) in Lake Michigan SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P43) Effectiveness of Zote Soap Baited Trotlines in Assessing Channel Catfish and Aquatic Turtle Bycatch SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P46) Precision of Age Estimates Obtained from Sectioned and Whole Bluegill Otoliths SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P48) Smallmouth Bass Habitat Use in the Upper Mississippi River SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P49) Three-Tier Assessment of Vegetation Communities in Dunkirk Harbor, New York and Presque Isle Bay, Pennsylvania SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P50) Fisheries and Macroinvertebrate Rebound Downstream of Passive AMD Treatment Sites SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P51) A Comparative Analysis of Small Tributaries of Green Bay, Wisconsin: The Intersection of Water Quality, Habitat, and Fish Communities SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P52) Assessing Upstream Fish Migration Patterns Using a Prototype Fish Ladder Around a Low-Head Dam in Northern Indiana SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P53) Bluegill Habitat Use in the Upper Mississippi River SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P54) Characterizing Wisconsin Angler Preferences for Inland Lake Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Walleye Fisheries SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P55) Distribution and Abundance of Larval Yellow Perch in Lake St. Clair and Adjoining Waters SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P56) Evaluation of Sampling Gears and Population Characteristics of Catfish in the Monongahela River, WV SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P57) Movements and Habitat Use of Muskellunge in Green Bay, Lake Michigan SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P59) Preliminary Genetic Evidence of Predation on an Imperiled Minnow from an Intentionally Introduced Apex Predator in a Western Ohio Stream SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P60) Structural Differences in Two Techniques for Snag Creation in the Huron-Manistee National Forest SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P61) Butterfly Response to Barrens Management at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, Grantsburg, WI SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P62) Effects of Prescribed Fire on Small Mammal Community of Schmeekle Reserve, Wisconsin SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P63) Water Uptake Capabilities of Sphagnum Moss SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P64) Using Citizen Science to Assess the In-stream Response of Watershed Conservation Practices SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P65) Student Organizations as Professional Development Vehicles for Applied Learning Experiences: The MWSU Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society Example SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P66) Investigating Burbot Diets in Lake Michigan Through Stomach Contents, Fatty Acids, and Stable Isotope Ratios SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P67) Monitoring Invasive Goby Populations of Lake Michigan Using eDNA Metabarcoding SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P68) Sensory Development and Navigation in Larval Grass Carp SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P71) Genetic Analysis and Germination Trials of an Invasive Weed (Gypsophila paniculata) Found in Two Distinct Ecosystems SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P73) Habitat Selection of Michigan Bog Grasshoppers in Huron National Forest SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P74) Volunteer Stream Quality Monitoring: Fostering Community Engagement in Ohio’s Scenic Rivers SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P75) Functional Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in Coastal Wetlands Along the St. Marys River SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P76) Toxic Effects of the Biological Pesticide, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, on North American Frog Larvae SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P77) Navigation Dams and Larval Fish Dynamics SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P78) Assessment of Thermal Discharge on Downstream Fish and Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Wabash River, Indiana SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P79) Assessment of Thermal Discharge on Downstream Fish Community in the White River, Indiana SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P80) Summary of a Long Term Study Leading to Population Augmentation for the Endangered Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) in an Urbanized Landscape SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P81) Paddlefish Movement and Habitat Use Using Acoustic Telemetry in the Upper Mississippi River (Pools 14-19) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P82) Recovery of Bigeye Chub (Hybopsis amblops) Populations in Illinois SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P84) True Metabolizable Energy of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation for Gadwall SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P85) Using a Plasma Lipid Metabolite Index to Evaluate Spring Migration Stopover Habitat for Wild Canvasbacks (Aythya valisineria) in Illinois SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P86) Using Plasma-lipid Metabolites to Index Mass Changes in Birds: Are Triglycerides More Indicative of Energy Income Than Deposition? SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P87) Influence of Spatial Alignment on Photographic Detection Rates at Remotely Triggered Camera Stations SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (P88) Supplementing Traditional Songbird Nest Box Monitoring with Trail and FLIR Camera Technology SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 1) Diet and Growth Rates of the Tubenose Goby (Proterorhinus Semilunaris) SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 10) Influence of Round Goby Invasion on Lake Erie Walleye Diets and Growth Rates SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 2) Habitat Preferences of Asian Carp on the Upper Illinois River an Acoustic Telemetry Study SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 3) Habitat Use of Larval Fish in Backwater Reaches of the Upper Mississippi River SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 4) Harvest Distribution of Minnesota Produced Wood Ducks SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 5) Invasive Rusty Crayfish Control on Critical Native Fish Spawning Reefs in Northern Lake Michigan SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 6) Predicting Seasonal Growth of Yellow Perch in the Western Basin of Lake Erie SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 7) Size Selectivity of Gill Nets Used to Target Silver and Bighead Carp in the Upper Mississippi SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 8) The Seasonal Migration of Round Goby in Lake Michigan near Milwaukee, Wisconsin SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D (STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER 9) Using Geographic Data from Angler Apps to Map Aquatic Connectivity from Angler Movement as a Vector of Invasive Species SUPERIOR BALLROOM C/D

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  • S01: Using Standardized Assessments to Evaluate Harvest Regulations: Advancing Science-Based Fisheries Management
  • S02: Eastern Massasauga Conservation - Management - Recovery
  • S03: Application of environmental DNA-based tools for aquatic invasive species monitoring and management
  • S04: Great Lakes Trophic Structure: Innovations and ongoing studies of predatory fishes
  • S05: Migratory wildlife collisions with manmade structures: monitoring - prevention - patterns from collision data
  • S06: Considering New Paradigms in the Management of Beaver - Trout - Riparian Habitats
  • S07: Use of Acoustic Telemetry to Inform Fisheries Management Across Midwestern US and Canada
  • S08: Science in service to wetlands conservation and wildlife management in the lower Great Lakes region: history - status - state of the art
  • S09: Carbon Dioxide As An Aquatic Resource Management Tool
  • S10: The Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership: An Innovative University-State Agency Partnership for Conservation in Ohio
  • S11: Dreissenid Mussels: Advancements in control - detection - management - biology
  • S12: Reading the aquatic landscape and connecting restoration design
  • S13: Sea Grant role in communicating needs to inform research and conservation
  • S14: Bridging the Gap between Fish and Wildlife: Discussions on Multi-Species Interactions and Ecosystem Stability
  • S15: Collaborating with community members: the human side of fish and wildlife management and research
  • S16: Agriculture and Wildlife Coexistence in the Midwest United States
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  • T05: Lightning Talk Session: Fisheries
  • T06: Human Dimensions: Fisheries I
  • T07: Fisheries: Rivers & Streams
  • T08: Wildlife: Waterfowl
  • T09: Human Dimensions: Wildlife
  • T10: Fisheries: Invasive Species I
  • T11: Fisheries: Fish Conservation
  • T12: Wildlife: Cervids
  • T13: Fisheries: Habitat
  • T14: Fisheries: Great Lakes II
  • T15: Fisheries: Lakes & Reservoirs
  • T16: Fisheries: Invertebrates
  • T17: Wildlife: Mammals
  • T18: Human Dimensions: Policy & Engagement
  • T19: Fisheries: Early Life History
  • T20: Wildlife: Upland I
  • T21: Fisheries: Invasive Species II
  • T22: Wildlife: Turtles
  • T23: Fisheries: Big Rivers
  • T24: Wildlife: Upland II
  • T25: Fisheries: Techniques
  • T26: Fisheries: Invasive Species III
  • T27: Wildlife: Avian
  • T28: Lightning Talk Session: Wildlife
  • T29: Human Dimensions: Fisheries II
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